How to Maintain Working Hood & Trunk Latches

by Dennis Sweet, Cars for Keeps Customer Service Manager

Have you ever heard the old saying “use it or lose it”? Well this applies to working parts on our vehicles! We use the remote to change the channel on our TV, even if we are standing in front of it. We as humans are creatures of habit and convenience.

We use our vehicles’ key fobs to unlock doors and trunks, and while this is convenient for us, it’s not so great for the locks and latches. When the key fob is used to unlock the trunk, the trunk latch unlocks from inside the trunk, but the key cylinder never turns. Rust and corrosion builds up on the key cylinder, and when the time comes that you don’t have the key fob or it stops working and you need to unlock it with the key, it may not work.

It is important that you have your auto service center lubricate the hood and trunk latches as well as the door and trunk lock cylinder with high quality lubricant at when regular oil changes are performed. Or, if your vehicle uses synthetic oil with extended mileage intervals you, can stop in and have Cars for Keeps do this at one of our free Pit Stops.

Routine latch lubrication and maintenance doesn’t only apply to your vehicle’s hood latch; it can be just as important to maintain the rest of the vehicle’s door locks. Proper lubrication and the occasional use of these important vehicle components is the best way to maintain and ensure that they work when you or your service center need them to.